Experienced professionals, passionate developers, ambitious students – what kind of an employee do you need exactly? In Select IT you will find the perfect candidate. Enjoy the comfortable, 100% free selection system and recruit!

Select IT is a modern platform for acquiring new employees from Central and East European countries. Here in one place you can find information about the skills, preferences and career objectives of all users!

Modern database

Find an employee tailored to your needs! Innovative virtual CV system allows for convenient way of presenting all the features and qualifications that a selected candidate should have.

Wide selection

Select IT is a place for anyone interested in working in the IT industry. Browse hundreds of profiles of candidates from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and rest of Central / East Europe. Learn more about them and find out whether they meet your expectations. Go for an experienced specialist or discover an exceptional talent!

Present your company to the employees

Show your company to the world and promote your image of an attractive IT employer. Now you can present yourself in front of the entire industry for free and in a modern way. Are you interested in recruitment, development, creation of an international team? With Select IT you can do it with a single mouse click.

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